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From Thorns to Roses


I recorded From Thorns to Roses in the autumn of 2008. I paid a guy that either my girlfriend or roommate at the time found on craigslist $200 for one day of recording in his home studio. The whole process took about 10 hours. I wrecked my bicycle on the way to his place, and almost destroyed my guitar. Fortunately I was agile enough to keep it mostly from harm. It was just myself that bled.

This was not the ideal experience for creating a record, but it is all the money I had for it, and I wanted something to ship. I had tried recording on my own, but quickly discovered I hate the recording process. I knew at the time that I would never get this thing made unless I paid someone else to do the recording for me. In the end, I am mostly happy with it, though it is obvious to me that if I ever record something like this again, I will invest a bit more in the polish, and not strain my vocal chords for a 10 hour stretch.

As a whole, From Thorns to Roses is a great snapshot of a period in my life when I was a devoted Christian attempting to create a career in the Christian music industry. Most of the songs are heavily based around Jesus Christ. The record featured the first song I ever wrote (Power of One), and everything I considered to be my best work as of 2008 that fit the themes of the record.

I released From Thorns to Roses under a Creative Commons license, through my net label I attempted called "Papacy Records." It has been downloaded well over 10,000 times, and perhaps even over 32,000 times, but I'm not quite sure how to parse the stats from clear-bits. It is available for free download all over the place, including from right here, through SoundCloud and NoiseTrade. If you want to buy it, you can get it from CD Baby, Amazon MP3, iTunes, and many other places. You can also listen to it on Rdio and Spotify. Special thanks to CD Baby for their great distribution.

If you want to support me, however, buying the music won't do much, so feel free to listen for free as much as you like. There are much better ways to support me directly.

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